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SAMAS: Building the first National Perinatal Education Network in Romania

Building the first National Perinatal Education Network in Romania
The SAMAS Association is dedicated to ensuring that parents-to-be and new-parents have easy access to competent perinatal education and support services delivered by medical professionals in a friendly, supportive manner intended to guide parents towards the best decisions for the care and nutrition of the mother and the baby.

The organization also provides a complex training program for midwives and nurses who plan to start delivering perinatal education and support services as well as continous professional development opportunities. Once they finish the basic SAMAS training program, midwives and nurses become Certified SAMAS Perinatal Educators and may choose to join contractually the SAMAS Network which provides them with significant and continuous support in launching their SAMAS perinatal education practice to serve the community they live in.

The SAMAS Network has national coverage in Romania and plans to reach 40% of first-time mothers by the end of 2016.

SAMAS Projects Overview


2013 – Launching the SAMAS project in Romania

2014 – Certificating the first SAMAS perinatal educators

2015 – Receiving the Civil Society Gala Award for best Healthcare National Program

2016 – Conducting a nation-wide study on breastfeeding and early-life nutrition of babies in Romania 

2017 – Suceeding to introduce the PSA about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding of babies during the first 6 months of life for all TV and radio broadcasters to air several times a day.

2018 – Receiving the Public Participation Gala Award for introducing the PSA on breastfeeding

2019 – Initiating the SAMAS Baby Box Program for babies born in poverty, modelled after the Finnish program

2020 – Initiating a support program for Covid19-positive new mothers who, according to state imposed protocols, are separated from their new-borns and postpone breastfeeding until testing negative for the Covid19 infection

Results end of 2019:


• 953 medical nurses and midwives in over 20 districts were trained as Certified SAMAS Perinatal Educators

• 21972 mothers received SAMAS classes for perinatal education

• 6172 mothers in difficult life situations from 8 cities received free SAMAS classes and suport

• 592020 parents received information in maternities from SAMAS about perinatal health

• 27 cities in Romania became part of the SAMAS Network

• 6 Regional SAMAS Centers were launched in Bucuresti, Pitesti, Iasi, Cluj, Bistrita, Timisoara


The Biannual SAMAS Symposium for Perinatal Education Providers

The Biannual SAMAS Symposium for Perinatal Education Providers

Every year the SAMAS Association celebrates the courage, dedication and hard-work of SAMAS Perinatal Educators by organization a 2-day Symposium which comprises multiple events:

an opportunity for further professional progress delivered via a workshop with an international expert speaker
a guest-speaker from another organization dedicated to a congurent perinatal cause (prematurity for example) intended to create synergies between the SAMAS team of Perinatal Educators and other advocates for related perinatal issues
the SAMAS Award Ceremony where the most active SAMAS Perinatal Educator in the Network and the public-health decision-makers or influencers who determined beneficial changes are rewarded
a roundtable with decision-makers in Romanian healthcare intended to animate a debate for improving public healthcare policies in respect to perinatal issues

Thus, it is our great honor and joy to have international expert speakers join us in this event dedicated to personal and professional development, celebration of succes and hard-work, animation of productive debates and initiation of new collaborations.

The updated and insightful perspective of a international expert speaker is essential since Romanian midwives and nurses rarely have the opportunity to tap into international medical resources, studies, updates and events.

The SAMAS Association is determined to provide those opportunities during the yearly SAMAS Symposium since we firmly believe that by investing into the professional and personal development of our national SAMAS Perinatal Educators’ team we will provide better education and support services to parents and babies.

SAMAS services for parents-to-be & new parents


The SAMAS Center for Perinatal Education has at its core the belief that pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes in the life of a woman, couple or family. Its goal is to maintain health amd well-being throughout the different milestones determined by the arrival of a child. The SAMAS Center for Perinatal Education will help you get to ready for your baby, keep active and settle comfortably into motherhood. Our team will support you throughout the adventure of having a baby.

The SAMAS Center for Perinatal Education offers its services to pregnant women, couples who are expecting a child, young parents and new-born babies. It is coordinated by Swiss Midwife Claudia Bider Heim who started her independent practice Around Birth in Bucharest in January 2008. Claudia Bider Heim focuses her work on promoting physiology and preventing complications because pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period are considered to be natural processes in a woman’s life.

All of the prenatal and postnatal activities are delivered at the foundation’s Center for Maternity Healthcare Services, in an intimate and comfortable setting. Massage, preparation for birth or physical exercise programs take place in a calm space in the centre of Bucharest, while post-natal visits can be organized in your own home.

Preparation for birth

Six sessions of about 1h15mins: two on pregnancy, two on childbirth and one on the post-natal period.

  • The two sessions on pregnancy are about the changes that take place in the woman’s body, foetal development, dietary recommendations, lifestyle, physical activity and prevention recommended during pregnancy.
  • The two sessions on childbirth include the signs announcing labour as well as the right moment to leave for the hospital, different ways of giving birth, respiratory, physical and mental exercises, which help to face fear and pain during labour.
  • The two sessions on the post-natal period describes what happens to the mother and the new born baby in the first days and weeks after birth. It includes the mechanisms and basics of breastfeeding, main baby care and precautions that need to be taken by the new mother.

Physical exercises for pregnancy

These one hour sessions of physical exercises are specially conceived for pregnant women. They are a mixture of Pilates and the Yoga method of Dr Bernadette de Gasquet which activate blood circulation and digestion and help to prevent back pain, fluid retention and excessive weight gain.

Massage for pregnant women/young mothers

An hour massage for the specific needs of pregnant women and young mothers. Recommended essential oils (anti-stretchmarks, relaxing, stimulating), relaxing and soft atmosphere, blissful care.

Post-natal care & home visits

As soon as you come home from the hospital, a midwife will come to your place and show you how to breastfeed, change, bathe and disinfect your baby’s umbilical cord. During one and a half hours, she will take the time to listen to you, to answer your questions, to give you some practical advice and increase your self-confidence.

Baby massage

Come and learn throughout three sessions how to massage your baby, how to develop a tactile relationship with him/her and to understand his/her way of communicating. Promote your baby’s physical, emotional and mental development through massage.

Physical exercises for young mothers

Now that your baby is born, take care of yourself as well as you take care of him/her. Come and practice a few exercises to tone up your abdominal and perineal muscles. This mixture of Pilates and Dr Bernadette de Gasquet’s yoga method is suited for the post-natal period and will help you to get back into shape and to feel well in your body.

Personal program

Pregnant in Bucharest? Unsure regarding decisions on pregnancy, childbirth or baby care? Special needs?
Come and have a quiet chat, ask your questions and tailor your own pregnancy/post-natal program with the help of a professional midwife. We also issue invoices for all the services which are covered by the standard expat medical insurance.

All of the above listed activities can be delivered in English.

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